London Nursery School

Project Description

The project was an entry for AWR competitions, London Nursery. The site is located adjacent to the Thames River, and just one plot away from Herzog De Meuron’s Laban Dance Center.  A forest was the concept. Not any forest, but a man-made one that emulates nature in such a way that it no longer is solely man-made, and not quite natural. This was the initiative to creating the umbrellas. These structures vary in shape, size and form depending on their own function or the function of the space they shade. There’s also a subtle hint to growth and metamorphosis, where the structure adapts to the space’s function and gives the illusion of growth and movement, here it emulates the child and his/her growth, and how humans are as metamorphic as frogs or butterflies. Changing, growing and adapting. Six Pavilions form the enclosed structures of the brief where three include the major nurseries that are distributed/designed according to the age group, whereas the rest include common areas such as the administration pavilion, the bathing pavilion, and the medical/cafeteria pavilion. Thick perimeter walls enclose the space in between the pavilion buildings, and in addition to providing access to the nursery, are designed to include booths and fun elements of visual access .

Project Details

  • Project Type: Academic 

  • Program : Architecture

  • Year of Completion: Fourth (2016) 

  • Project role: In collaboration with Shahad Kashmiri

  • Organization: AWR Competitions