Prametric Wall + Bathing Ritual

Project Description

The brief included the design of a parametric wall using one brick module. Three variations were proposed to experiment with the formal composition of the wall by altering the typical connection between the brick modules. The parameters were : pushing/pulling , introducing voids in between , and rotating the bricks. The proposal uses all three variations while maintaining the harmony and formal/structural integrity of the wall. The design concept was to create a sleek shadow palette , which was achieved through carefully mirroring and pushing/pulling certain brick rows. To save time and effort during the experimentation process, a Grasshopper script was developed to apply the brick modules on a rhino surface using the parameters established by the design brief. The wall was then used to compose a small and sublime bathing space. The proposed scheme consisted of three primary components: a concrete base that allows the wooden floor to slope towards the water, a brick wall enclosure, and a floating wooden roof.

Project Details

  • Project Type: Academic 

  • Program : Architecture

  • Year of Completion: Second (2014) 

  • Project role: Individual project