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Mari Nasif is a multidisciplinary designer with broad ranging skills, experience, and academic qualifications in architecture and interior design.  She holds a Master’s degree in Interior, Architectural, and Spatial Design from the University of Edinburgh (2020), and a bachelors of Architecture from the American University of Sharjah (2017). Throughout both programs, Mari excelled in her academic performance and has obtained multiple distinction awards, namely receiving the master's degree with First Class Honors (distinction). Mari was also ranked on the chancellor's and dean's  lists numerous times, and has received honorary medals for her outstanding academic performance during the architecture program.

Dedicated to designing spaces that improve the users’ wellbeing, Mari positions herself beyond the established boundaries of her discipline as her practice/research focuses on the link between design and psychology.She strives to move beyond just solutions for buildings, but to reach out and touch the hearts and minds of whomever experiences the projects she designs. The experience she looks for opts to be poetic and sublime. Meaning, elegancy, and purity are the essential factors that she aims to translate into the work she puts up, so that what is constructed transcends the mere physical reality.

Mari has two years of professional experience working with top consultancy and development firms. During her practice, she worked on critical projects in the MENA region across all design stages. Considering her inventiveness and creative abilities, she was also given the role of a lead designer on few fit-out projects. Mari strives to develop and sustain a strong technical and soft skill set that endorses her thought process. Her technical skills cover a wide range of building, 3D modeling, visualization, animation, and graphic design software. She has also received training in non-design areas such as business management and marketing. Committed to advancing her craft, Mari believes in designing with hands-on experience. Thus, she is highly skilled in model making, metal work, and wood joinery.  

Mari is a also a great team player whom besides the demand of long working hours in the design studio, has taken leadership roles that allowed her to fulfill her passion in helping her colleagues by providing networking opportunities, enhancing the work culture, and promoting community outreach. The latest of which was being elected as the Postgraduate Interior Design Program Representative at the University of Edinburgh. Outside the studio, Mari loves spending time with her family and friends, exercising, reading, swimming, and playing the violin.